Jordan Marketing Concepts has made Colorado Bankers Services Insurance (CBS) one of the nation’s most committed providers of critical illness, accident, final expense & a wide variety of other exceptional products.

CBS distributes products through a National Brokerage network of individual life/health agents that specialize in individual & small group sales. CBS also specializes in direct relationships between Web Based Entities contracted with the Affordable Care Act and Top Level Insurance Companies. Individual insurance benefit programs have been, and continue to be, Colorado Bankers Service’s specialty.

With a marketing & administration office committed to your success, CBS goes the extra mile to ensure your questions are answered and your portfolio is complete. Our office is made up of Licensed Life & Health Professionals. How can someone who hasn’t been on the road explain the sales techniques of our unique product line?  Jimmy and J.R. Jordan have leveraged decades of experience in the trenches of health insurance sales to make CBS a true leader in the industry.

Jordan Marketing Concepts has developed, distributed, and fine tuned many of the products sold at CBS, and utilized a platform of sales management, product development, and strategic marketing that the entire insurance industry has pivoted around.

The Jordan brothers have made GAC Quote into a leading tool for guiding members and partners through insurance policies.

The Jordan brothers have helped distribute and develop the VBA plan which has radically changed how benefits and coverage are managed and utilized within the industry.  Value Benefits of America, Inc.(VBA), is a not-for-profit association that was established for the purposes of promoting the common interest of families by providing educational information regarding health, agriculture, economics and other areas of interest to members. To enhance the quality of life for members by offering benefits and discount services for association members.  VBA offers members consumer savings on shopping, travel, dining, hotels and car rentals as well as health and wellness discounts on dental, vision, hearing, prescription drugs, lab and radiology tests, chiropractic visits, diabetic supplies and more.



reTXT is the first of it's kind completely secure communications platform for enterprises to deploy internally or within existing customer-facing applications.

They are the only communications platform that employs end-to-end encryption, which provides uninterrupted protection of data traveling between two parties for all messages and VoIP calls, regardless of content type or device. Designed for seamless integration with nearly any existing infrastructure, these core capabilities allow your organization to securely communicate, increase e iciencies, improve user experiences, and catapult monetization.

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